Sunday, September 1, 2013

*Last* October through December review

So clearly I'm never going to be a daily blogger, or even monthly evidently, so here's a brief highlights reel of the last few months of last year.

Painting. Lay down a big piece of butchers paper, strip off the toddler since no painting smock is going to sufficiently protect clothes, and away you go!

A visit to Stardome, our lovely local-ish planetarium!
It was Maia's first visit, and she was a bit.. uncertain.. about the reclined seats.
Lexi liked the poster of an upcoming (at the time!) show -
If you didn't just hear the first few notes of music in your head, I'm amazed.

We discovered a short bush trail near our house, where a little bit of 'pruning' had been done!

And when the school kids are away, mine will play...
This is a percussion wall that the students made at Paul's school!

The kids are huge fans of Jonathan Bird's Blue World webisodes, so Lexi made her own Jonathan Bird, complete with underwater camera, from Playmobil -

Maths. Yeah we do that too, can't escape it.

Lexi exploring Stellarium. It's a free planetarium program, I highly recommend it!

Lexi writing a letter, in a tutu, as you do.

Xmas meant a visit to Motat one evening when they had the Victorian Village lit up, and the printing room was open -

The kids got to make a selection of little souvenirs, and through some magical process that I still don't understand, the colour of the ink changed - to either black, red, or silver - despite no obvious variation in printing method

And we finished the year with a spot of camping -
albeit on Nana & Granddad's lawn.

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