Sunday, September 1, 2013


We didn't have a dedicated homeschooling room in our house, or even a dedicated cupboard!

Suffice to say it was getting a bit annoying having everything stashed piecemeal in various spots around the house, but we did have a rather decent sized patch of wall behind the dining table -

Which I commandeered!!
 We bought some of those shop style wall mounted strip shelves on sale, three 300mm x 2400mm (one of which we're not using currently), for boxes & files, and two 150mm x 1200mm ones for holding pencils etc and displaying books.

I used cheap fabric boxes, cardboard magazine files, and lidded plastic boxes to hold all our craft gear, science bits, materials, manipulatives, and paperwork.

And each of the kids have a box that I prettied up a little to hold resources for them specifically that aren't currently in use -
 Books currently or commonly in use still live in the rainbow drawers under the shelves, next to my sewing table.

It's a big improvement!!

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