Sunday, February 3, 2013

Of mice & men..

It's best laid plans time.

I'm aiming to make everything simple this year, with plenty of flexibility, but a predictable 'shape'.

Eli has decided that now is a good time to start showing an interest in letters, numbers & writing, so need to incorporate more of that in for him too...

So this is what I'm instituting for Lexi-

* Basic Business - Do these in any order - Math Mammoth (2 pages), Start Right English yr4 (one activity), Spelling City (10min or so)
* Snack
* Reading with mum (or to mum, or listening to an audiobook, depending on my energy levels 8-[ )
* Play (while I do housework, woot)
* Lunch
* Quiet time (resting/reading/puzzles/audiobooks/colouring/writing etc)
* One Thing More**
* Outside time

*Do Something Different - Choose some of these - Life of Fred, word worksheets (these are vocab/spelling/word property sheets), Intrepica, Khan Academy, D'Nealian Handwriting, Mavis Beacon Typing

then the rest of the day proceeds as per the others, from the snack onwards.

**"One Thing More" might include - swimming, art, cooking, topic studies, discovery box (a box full of science experiment stuff), Mr Q's Science, any of the 'Do Something Different' list, science kits, outings, videos, music, sports, Start Right Science, or something totally unexpected!" (this is so I can squeeze all the other stuff in, but the actually content is entirely dependent on my energy levels & how busy we are... trying to keep things as flexible as possible, but still with structure)

For Eli I am starting a letter of the week thing, a sight word program, some basic maths activities, and have a box of various learning games & stuff for him, and for him & Maia I have collected a basket of quiet activities that only come out while Lexi is trying to focus.

I've drawn inspiration in particular this year from the TJed 7 KeysFIMBY's "Usually, not always" (my fav HE blog! I love that she doesn't try to do everything & is very conscious about what she is willing to let go), and "One more thing after lunch" from Hodgepodge.

Should be interesting!! I'd like to think I could maintain something like this, but time will tell... we're getting off to an auspicious start with our first 'proper' morning being taken over by a routine hospital appointment, but life is full of interruptions after all!

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