Monday, October 15, 2012

Little guys

My little guys sometimes seem to get a bit overlooked here, but they are just as busy! These are a few random pics I found..

Playing the free Kids Match 'Em memory game app, a big hit here -

Making a marble run -

working collaboratively on a Meccano aeroplane -

Doing big brother's spiderman jigsaw -
(Eli is the best in the house at that, it has three spidermen, a very limited palate, and its holographic. It's hard!) 

Playing with duplo -

Making peg patterns -

and twisting maths activities to his own desires -
 (the idea is that you match the right number of objects, in this case lego - obvious mistake - with the number on the card. Matching by colour & making stairs was clearly more interesting.)

and a photo by Eli of one of his peg compositions -

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