Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lego Club

I don't know how I stumbled upon this, but sometime last year I signed Lexi up for this Lego Club for Homeschoolers (well, it could be for anyone really, but I think the session times are 10am or 3pm our time), and with our usual efficiency, we finally got round to joining in the February session.

It's a free, online, guided club, each month Roni - the tutor/host/presenter - puts together a theme, a supply list, and a presentation, then at the appointed class time (the sessions repeat several times a month, though you only 'attend' once) everyone 'meets' in a digital space where Roni does a live webcast about the topic.

This month's theme was fairy tales, so there was a short presentation about what a fairy tale is, common motifs, and famous fairy tale authors. Then Roni lead the kids step-by-step through building a little fairy tale cottage - 

 (check out the cute little fireplace & hearth! It does actually open into the wee chimney outside)

We rummaged up some suitable accessories to furnish the cottage too (thank you to Lego Harry Potter, Lego Friends, Lego Pirates arrrh, and our Lego Minifigure Leprechaun for the teeny tiny cauldron!)

Lexi really enjoyed it, and is looking forward to the March instalment, which is making a set of constellation viewers (like binoculars, but with constellation cards to drop in & compare) coinciding nicely with our space theme, mwahahaha...

If you decide to join in, I highly recommend hunting out all the pieces WELL in advance, *not* the night before and then during the class when you realise that you missed one page of the PDF supply list! For those with less time but more money, or just less Lego, you can actually buy each month's pieces in advance via the class, or you can fudge it and make do with whatever you've got. Lego is good like that, and it's encouraged in the class too :)

I really love that this sort of fun opportunity is available to our kids!

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