Monday, March 10, 2014

Enjoying summer..

while it lasts.

A couple of weeks ago we caught up with a bunch of other homeschoolers for a morning at Cornwallis Beach. It's a great place, bordering the Manukau Harbour, but close enough to the harbour entrance to have lovely clear water and not be so tidal that the water just about disappears entirely, like happens at some of the beaches closer to home! 

One fascinating aspect to this beach is the combination of normal, beige coloured sand from the harbour, and the black, iron-rich sands of our west coast beaches -

It was just after low-tide when we went, so not so good for swimming, but fantastic for exploring -

and there is grass and shady trees right next to the sand, so it's perfect for relaxing or playing games

Nothing seems to make this boy quite as happy as a good tree.

then once the kids had got tired of the beach, we went for a geocache hunt, one of which took us up to the memorial at the top of the hill -
which looks back over Cornwallis Beach -
and the entrance to the harbour -
and the bays around Huia - 

On our way down the hill, I spotted some white daisies, which means only one thing to us educatory types - 
the green hardly worked at all, mostly just added a slight tinge to the edge of the centre, I wonder why that was?!
This is the perfect experiment for illustrating the need for a control, especially when one doesn't appear to have changed much!

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