Tuesday, September 3, 2013


We had a hospital appointment to get to just after lunch, so morning was spent doing maths & literacy stuff (learning the different ways to spell the "k" sound, fun times), then lunch & into the car! One short tour of the dermatology ward later, and we were free... and free just around the corner from one of our favourite places!!

The ever-popular concave mirror

A big set of scales that flies you around the solar system & tells you how much you would weigh in different places (and on a neutron star, ouch!)

I think Lexi would like to sew some of these badges onto her uniform!

The much fought-after gravity well

This is my favourite, it's called the Magic Planet, which is an internal projection globe that creates a 3D video projection of the selected planet or moon.

Maia and Maia!
 (this is the Pleiades,also called Matariki in New Zealand, the larger star to the top right of the picture is called Maia)

And the obligatory... 

(did you spot the alien?)

and then into the parks on the slopes of Maungakiekie!

Then off for a walk....
where, somewhat bizarrely for an inner suburb of our largest city, you can currently check out the lambs!

now that is more like fun!

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