Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's my turn to cook tonight!

During the holidays Lexi participated in a free online school holiday program called It's My Turn to Cook Tonight!

It aims to encourage kids to develop cooking skills and nutrition knowledge by providing them with recipes, video tutorials, a chat forum with the (teenage!) creator of the program, and daily challenges & prizes

You choose which recipes you want to use, and when, so first up Lexi made banana pancakes! 

Then carrot cake -
(the little star is for a gift)

and helped her dad to make a roast -
we're vegetarian, so they made roast seitan

One of the challenges was to make a 'food savvy' art project, and Lexi chose the topic of trying new foods, which she made this video for - 
(she had a bit of help with the filming, puppeteering, and editing, but the rest was all her work)

and at the end of the week, she was lucky enough to win this prize pack, with art supplies, recipe book, and shopping bag!

It's on during the next school holidays as well, so we'll definitely be signing up again!

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