Monday, October 15, 2012

Our un-holidays, a.k.a. every day life

A few people I know just embarked on a blogging project for the last two weeks, photographing what they got up to during the school holidays. We did pretty much nothing, so naturally I didn't join in. But now that school is back in, and we are easing back into some sort of normalcy, I thought I would try capturing parts of our days for a fortnight! I've got a stubborn cold at the moment, so we really are focusing on the ease part!

This morning started with swinging, the little two still in their pyjamas!!
The kids love our ladybug swing, it takes them crashing through the bush that borders our property, and over the back fence into the reserve behind. There is a little creek just a couple of metres past the fence, so of course it holds the imagined risk of going plunging into the water should they let go!

In action -

then some bouncing -
 (don't we all feel like running & jumping around at 9am on a monday morning?!)

They watched some of James May's Toy Stories, which we absolutely love, and invariably ends in hours spent building fantastic lego constructions or complex train tracks!

there was also biking riding, dressing up, and design your own lunches (not one, but two dry weetbix each was a little bit ambitious!)

and of course the day always ends with lots and lots of reading -
 (one very happy girl finished the Philosopher's Stone tonight!)

Even though we didn't 'do' much, the kids were busily occupied all day, and I'm happy with that!

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  1. This looks like a beautiful day Nova and you've got quite an ambitious young reader there!


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