Monday, September 17, 2012

Lexi's picks

Lexi spent the afternoon playing on the Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra site. It's a great website, if a little video heavy, and a nice introduction to the instrument families, how different instruments work, and their various quirks and traits. After a few non-starters previously, this afternoon she took to it immediately, and insisted on finishing the whole thing (with a major meltdown when I commandeered the computer & she thought I had lost all her progress!).

Lexi also tried this out today, it's a free fractions simulation made by the University of Colorado. I love it when people go to the trouble to do this sort of thing then make it freely available to all kids! You can use them online or download them too.

She liked the Matching Game and Build a Fraction. She's never done any fraction work before (apart from baking!) so it was interesting to see how quickly she caught onto the concept while playing with this.

Fractions Intro

Click to Run

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