Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In the beginning...

..there was a whole lot of mess, uncertainty, and strangely, pencil sharpeners.

I'm in full planning mode. I *think* I know what I am doing as far as the basic structure of our days will go (though argh, a lot relies on what days my boy goes to kindy, which I don't know yet.), but I'm floundering over how to organise our supplies in a sensible, tidy, attractive manner.

We don't have nice furniture with handy cupboards & drawers for stashing things in, and every storage box seems to be slightly too small for what it needs to hold. And our family is naturally terribly dis-organised and messy, and I do NOT want to spend half of our days searching for the right materials etc! So that is the current challenge.

School here starts for the year officially, roughly lol, around the 2nd of February. Though we don't have to stick to that, with a daddy who is a teacher it makes sense to kick into our normal rhythm then too. And it's comfortably far enough away that I think I can be prepared in time, but not long enough to procrastinate!

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